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"Come out from amoung them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you."

2nd Corinthians 6:17

Voices for Better Choices:

At Eden we witness the result of  Christ working through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the miracle of recovery.


Eden Testimonies:

Glenn - I can't ever remember a time when I didn't believe in God. As a kid I looked up into the skies and would think that is where God lives. For years I wanted a relationship with God. But it was like we lived in the same house yet different rooms.   I just didn't know how to open His door.  I didn't trust many Christians, or preachers.
My life was like the Prodigal son.  I took advantage of God's love and resisted his chastisements. The Parable of the Sower  was the epitome of my life.  All stages right down to the good soil. My entire life was a nightmare of fear and my biggest obstacle was my mind. I did, however come to the conclusion that my salvation would not be of my own doing or choice. My salvation would be one of God's timing and choice. I just didn't know if I'd survive to see it happen.  But it did, I was transformed by His grace and I was converted. This happened in 2004 while in prison.  I've been a born again believer since then and God has truly changed the direction of my life. I've faced trials and setbacks in my walk with The Lord. However, I continually find Him faithful.  I' m so grateful God directed me to Eden Ministry where I daily get opportunities to grow in God's Word, encourage other guys who may be struggling, and be apart of a local body in service , at church. Indeed God does love me and I desire to share His love with others.   Great is His Faithfulness!


Steve - Since coming to Eden, I have gained more confidence in myself, I have been able to use my God given skills in construction to not only build  a new lease on life, but help others by the work I provide.  I have greatly appreciated the consistent Bible study and daily devotions times led by Rev. Cliffe. This has set the tone for my work day. I have even started a Bible study which I’m teaching newcomers to Eden.   The trust Rev. Jim has given me means so much.  I’m a new man because of my involvement with the ministry.

Joe B. - Since coming to Eden I’ve enrolled in college and have a carried a heavy load of units. I have maintained an excellent grade point average.  In addition, I recently got married, learned how to be build and maintain a good relationships. I have become an active member of a local church body.  I asked  Rev. to be my best man at my wedding, and I appreciate his positive impact on my life.  I praise God for my redeemed life and desire to serve the Lord.

Daniel - I found myself today fulfilling a dream, which was interrupted by some foolish mistakes I made along my life’s journey.  Today thru the grace of God I have a job, am a reliable employee, also I’m  going to culinary school, and have been in triathlon  events. I’m healthier spiritually, emotionally, educationally, and physically. I smile more as I lean on God and He directs my paths.

Lance with Pastor Chris Lance - My life has been restored since coming to Eden.  A pastor contacted Rev. and he took me under his wing.  Since following his suggestions and the guidance of the Lord, I’ve been able to complete the vocational rehab training and fulfill my potential thru a career I once pursued... Rev. encouraged and guided me and attended my graduation.  I praise God that I’m now a full fledged member of the forestry fire department.  Eden gave me a foundation upon which to see my dreams fulfilled.  I just finished a triathlon, which brought me a great sense of accomplishment  I’ve been able to speak to youth and encourage them to have Hope not Dope,  and was thrilled to give a praise report testimony in church.

Joe C. - Being with the ministry for a long time I’ve witnessed the transformation in many of the guys lives, including my own.  I came on board,  took direction, and watched my life change. Today I  hold a manager position at my work.  I’m respected among my work associates.  I’m able to clearly make good decisions, and give  advise.  God has been doing for me what I could never do for myself, I’ve gained back the respect of family members, I’m a dependable employee, and know how to handle situations which used to baffle me.  I thank God for my life today.

Jim L. - Prior to coming to Eden my life was a train wreck, unmanageable, filled with resistance, rejection, no purpose and  loneliness. I was living drunk, on top of a roof.  Now my life has totally changed I’m an usher at church, participate in the church body.  I’m on committees in A.A. holding  responsible positions.
My biggest achievement has been going back to school and receiving my drug/alcohol certificate so I can help others.  I’ve been a house captain at Eden and been able to come alongside the guys and help equip, encourage, and give them hope.  I was totally spiritually, and emotionally bankrupt, now I’m rich in His blessings and thank Christ for working in my life.

Gary - What I appreciated about my time at Eden was the consistency I saw in Rev. Jim’s life and his love for the Word of God.  It created in me a desire to come to church, listen, and apply the principles in the Bible to my life.  I was isolated and now I’m part of a Bible study and attend church and am a better man because of this positive influence in my life.  I’m grateful for the miracles I’ve experienced in my own life.


Terry at Law School Terry - Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how things have been going for me since I graduated from EM. I received my B. S. degree from Thomas Edison State College (graduated with honors!) and I am now in law school. This week starts my 7th week. Its a Christian law school in Santa Ana. Before each class session, all of the professors start their classes with a prayer. I like that. Law school is a lot of work, a lot of reading and writing, but I like it.

This semester, I'm taking Criminal Law, Torts I, Contracts I, and Legal Research & Writing I. All of my professors are practicing attorneys. My criminal law professor was an Orange County Deputy District Attorney for 30 years, now he does defense work. I never thought I would be in the same room with a D.A.! Let alone, be invited to his house for a class BBQ. God sure does have plans that we never can fathom.
In the year that I spent in county jail I was lucky enough to get my GED, I also got a certificate from “Hacienda La Puente” in computer operation, but most of all I was lucky enough to have met Officer L.
I met Officer L going to class one day, he was standing in the hall way, I approached him and told him that upon my release I had no where to go, since I had lost everything to my drug addiction. He told me he would get back to me and that he would see what he could do, I thought “yea right!”.
To my surprise he got back to me the very next day and told me about this place he had just gone to see called “ The Eden Ministries”, that help people just like me and that he thought it was the right place for me and gave me an application to fill out, I filled out the application gave it to him and waited.
A week later I received a letter from this man called Rev. James Cliffe, he was the director for the “The Eden Ministries”, and told me he would come and visit me for an interview to see if I qualified for the program. Little that I knew, this man would change my life forever.
I met Rev. James Cliffe on a Wednesday afternoon, in what they called an attorney visit, I met with him for no longer than ten minutes, the words he told me I felt he knew me forever, and the love he had for me made me feel in a way a had never felt before. He told me that he would accept me in the program and not to worry he would be there in the court room the day of my release, again I said, “yeah right!”.
On November 17, 2006, I was taken to court for my release, and when I walked into the court room, who did I see sitting in the front row with a smile on his face?, Rev. James Cliffe. He waited there from eight O’clock in the morning until five O’clock in the afternoon when they finally released me.
I walked out of that building wearing a white jump suit and nothing to live for, Rev. Jim was waiting for me, we got in his truck, he took me to eat tacos, bought me some clothes and from that day on my life has changed forever.
It’s almost one year since that day. Today I have a great job that I love, I have a relationship with my kids, and I am able to help them too, but most of all I am clean and sober and have no desire to use or drink thanks to the boundaries that this program has put in my life, and most important I have God in my life today.
I am convinced that everything happens for a reason in this life, that’s why I know that Officer L was standing the that hall way so I could experience everything that I am experiencing right now.
I am living a life that I never knew was possible, I am not saying that everything is perfect, because it’s not, but now I can deal with anything that comes my way because I know God is with me and he will help me thru it.
I have may people to thank for my recovery today but most of all Officer L and Rev. James Cliffe.

Troy - What a difference it made to have Rev. Jim pick me up on the day I was released from prison. The talks, encouragement, and hope he gave me made a difference in my recovery this time. I'm indeed grateful and thank the Lord.

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